• Japn-Central Automotive Approved

What is the J.C.A.P. brand of Central
Automotive Products Ltd?

We, Central Automotive Products Ltd., have been supplying quality products in Japan and throughout the world, while establishing a network over 60 countries as a specialized company of automotive parts and products, since our founding about 70 years ago.
J.C.A.P. is an original brand offering a lineup of products, using years of experience and know-how, where the quality, cost and assortment brings a lot of satisfaction to customers.
Promoting region-based relationship marketing, our company policy is to supply products that satisfy customers' demands.
We believe that J.C.A.P. has a strong customer base, and we contribute to customers' progress by assisting them in expanding their business.

Our quality control system

Product development

Our product development is to analyze the market needs collected through the activities on the world stage, and investigate the expectations of various areas of the car-life market.
J.C.A.P. products meet market needs with our assortment not only for Japanese cars, but also for South Korean cars, European cars and U.S. cars.

Production control

The production control system in the automotive parts industry is something that Japan can be proud of on the world stage. Such know-how is alive in our company, and we have established a system that supports quality and efficiency at the same time, while promoting "kaizen" with manufacturers.

Quality control

The quality of J.C.A.P. brand products has been confirmed by international certificate of quality management systems ISO9001 and ISO/TS16949.