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CAPCO PTE LTD, a subsidiary of CENTRAL AUTOMOTIVE PRODUCTS LTD, has established CAPCO MIDDLE EAST FZE in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE) in June 2016 to commence sales and marketing activities in the Middle East, Africa and Western Asia region.
CENTRAL AUTOMOTIVE PRODUCTS LTD. has established CAPCO GUANGZHOU, LTD., which started operations in October 2015. The new company will now act as sales and technical support to representatives which sell our original products as car body coating in Guangzhou area.
CAPCO PTE. LTD. has relocated its office premises to the new address which started operations on November 23rd 2015.
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Combining expertise cultivated over 80 years manufacturing core engine parts for the global auto industry with a sophisticated approach to materials development, TP Motor Oil protects anything on four wheels, from sportscars to trucks. Treating oil as an engine part, drivers can take smooth and comfortable on-road experiences further.



Central Automotive Products Ltd., are automotive-related company, supplying mainly high quality Japanese made products for all over the world.
Central, well-versed in automotive industry, established original brand with the utmost confidence and pride . That is "J.C.A.P.".


Central's Original PRODUCTS

Automotive Body Coating

Coating gives your car a striking shine and gloss finish, while providing extra protection.
  • ・Created by advanced Japanese technology, achieving excellent sales in the Japanese coating market.
  • ・This combines both of the glowing polish obtained bythe glass coating, with the bold protection from dirt and stains by the fluorine coating.
  • ・You can expect increase in profit using this product for your coating business.

Car Window Water Repellent Coating


"CAPCO 360" gives greater view, essential to driving safely on a rainy day.
  • ・The special fluorine compounds it includes produces an excellent water-repellent effect.
  • ・The coating adheres to the surface of car windows, making it last longer.
  • ・"CAPCO 360" can be applied to both the front and rear windows, providing high visibility in every direction, making even driving at night in a rainy day safer.
  • ・Makes window glass maintenance easier.

"Self-management" alcohol detector that is useful to health monitoring, and prevents drunk-driving.


Sociac checks your alcohol level in your body on a digital digit display.
  • ・Sociac has been used by over 20,000 of government administration offices, local municipalities and businesses in Japan to check alcohol levels before the drivers are allowed to go behind the wheels.
  • ・The quality of Sociac is highly trusted by the Japanese police officers and used at sobriety checkpoints.
  • ・Checking alcohol concentration on a regular basis leads to regulatory compliance, gaining your company's credibility in society.

Forms a Super Hydrophilic Coated Layer


Inorganic Antifouling and Defog Coating agent
The super hydrophilic coated layer provides a "self-cleaning" effect to organic materials
  • ・The agent adheres to organic materials such as acrylic resin and polycarbonate, forming a super hydrophilic coated layer.
  • ・This makes surfaces easier for rain to wash soil and debris off so it's highly recommended to be used on exterior constructions in high and narrow places.
  • ・In addition to the antifouling effect, the agent has defogging and antistatic effects.