Dear Valued customers

Our history of Central Automotive Products Ltd. is a history of revolution.

Company founder Tomizo Ueno started a business, focusing on the transportation of materials and daily commodities for reconstruction of our country in early stage. Then he embarked on car air conditioning products and automotive spare parts in response to increase of car sales.

Shifting the business unit for domestic market from the air conditioning products to car accessories after the high-growth period of the Japanese economy, the next president Michio Fukutsuji has driven forward to change ourselves to a "Development-based company" with unique products, services and systems.

Receiving heartwarming supports from many of our customers through our business history, we have tried the utmost effort under concentrate in core competence to expand "added value " and on the other hand to minimize costs, which brought us business growth from year to year.

Since April 1st 2012, I took over the presidency. I am keenly feeling the importance more than ever to create a higher demand, branding the products, and innovating business opportunities, so we can expand the achievements of our forerunners.

New businesses never start at once or guarantees success. Therefore, I have kept in mind the importance of making our goals clearer, and increasing the speed to convert them into action than ever before.

To achieve this, we must put our highest priority on bonding a strong group in which each employee try to figure it out the customers' real needs and wants in their mind, answering to their demands, that evidently lead us to developing new products and services.

All of us at Central Automotive Products Ltd. will continue challenging to change ourselves and working toward further "Development-based company" through creation of new products, services and systems based on our corporate philosophy ;" Let us create environmentally friendly, safe and comfortable life with automobiles, and contributing to the global society through the worldwide net work"

I would sincerely appreciate your further support and encouragement.

Sincerely yours,